Prize Details

We Treat Our Winners Like Beach Royalty!

When we say $100K in marketing exposure, we’re talking about a substantial dollar amount of marketing muscle dedicated to getting your resort’s winning name out there to the masses through social media, email campaigns, prime placement on our site and more. So what does this marketing plan deliver? One very important thing: guests headed your way.

Should you win, we’re going to shine the sunny spotlight on your resort by:

  • Shouting your name in one dedicated email blast. 

  • Adding a Noble Beach Prize badge to your gorgeous resort photo on our site for one year.

  • Calling you out as the winner of the Noble Beach Prize in your resort description.

  • Creating valuable website merchandising for you:

    • Featuring your resort on our Homepage and Destination Deals Landing Pages for two consecutive weeks.

    • Creating six explosive social media posts.

    • Crafting a blog that highlights why your resort is worthy of your award.

And that’s just the first wave.


All 17 of our sparkling, happy winners will share the beach limelight in one coveted list that we’ll distribute in yet more marketing placements that include:

  • Inclusion on the Noble Beach Prize landing page for one year, which means more adoring eyes on you.

  • Announcing The Big Winners to our happy customers in one massive, impactful email blast.

  • Blowing up social media with news about this choice crowd upon announcement.

  • Drooling over (verbally) your resort in a blog that will announce all the winners and categories.

Best of all, you get the Noble Beach Prize plaque to display in your resort: