Our Beachin’ Categories

Like we said, our categories are wildly different from the ordinary travel industry awards – a breath of fresh beach air. Take a peek into what we’re looking for:


So do you have a prized room that qualifies? One that has seemingly endless space? A sweeping, heart-stopping view from a generous balcony? Are you seconds away from a sleekly designed pool or is it a sublime swim-up room? Does your suite have that know-it-in-your-gut-that-it’s-awesome kind of vibe?

Is it on the top floor? Is it a suite or mini-palace? Is this view so gorgeous you struggle to find the words to describe it?


Is the space massive – large enough to stage a small dinner party? Is the tub a Jacuzzi? Is the shower a single or sexy double, standard or rain shower? Are the bath products spa-worthy? Is the overall presentation enough to make you ask the valet hunks to move your bed into this room?


How many and what kind of foods do you offer? Do you mix it up, or is it the same every day? How many made-to-order stations are there? Are the visual sensations outta this world and cause people to face-plant into your dessert table?

Does your soul flutter when you step into this enchanted food mecca? Is the menu interestingly surprising? Are there options available for those who have food challenges?  Is the whole scene an aweinspiring, to-the-moon-and-back adventure?

So, what’s it like: beach, swim-up, lobby, what? How’s the overall feel – happening, mellow, a mix? Do you have entertainment that blows your guest out of the water? How tasty is your most creative drink? Do you serve hard-to-find, top-shelf, well brands? Does the overall scene scream, “The Bomb?”

How fair is your fairway?  Is there a killer view of blues?  Have your greens won any golds?  Do you have sturdy caddies who follow you around like puppies or must you go it alone?  Does your signature hole blow all the others out of the water?

Is your space luscious, large and inviting? How many delicious treatments do you offer for hair, nails, toes? What about massages, facials, wraps and so on? Are there hot/cold plunge pools, sauna, steam? Is the total feel of this place a slice of heaven?

Does your resort have the awesome that teens crave?  Do you have activities that will hold their attention longer than a nanosecond?  Is your dance club epic?  Is there a lifeline, aka Wi-Fi, wherever they go?  Is your stuff all that and then some?

Do you have shows poolside, on the beach or in a lounge? Any singers/performers that are proprietary to your resort? How varied are your offerings – are they dancers, singers, magicians, fire blowers? Does your lineup put Vegas and Broadway to shame?

Talk to us about the style: lagoon, lazy river, infinity? How many swim-up bars? Can you see the beach from the pool? Do you have poolside wait service? Do you boast comfy loungers, pool floats, Bali beds, or cabanas? Does your epic pool reduce all others to sad, water-filled holes in the cement?

How is the seating: loungers, umbrellas, palapas or cabanas? How are the beach boys/girls who serve you? Is it peaceful or rowdy? Is the sand clean, soft and powdery? Does the overall beach area instantly take you to paradise?


How swingin’ is your jungle gym?  Is your playroom giggle-worthy?  How kid-approved are your arts & crafts?  What yummy treats to you provide?  Do you have perky puppet shows or chatty characters in costumes?  Does your water park provide total splashification?


Does your gym have muscle?  How many types of sweat-inducing equipment do you have?  Does the view from the gym cause the non-gym-goers to flock?  Do you have up-close-and-personal trainers?  Do you have metabolism-stoking classes?


Does your gorgeous wedding setting cause an instant swoon? Is your wedding coordinator a mind-reader who can anticipate every whim of a nervous bride? Are your accommodations for the bride over the top?


Is your bar THE place for real fans, not the wanna-bes? Do your TVs have every channel in the universe – and then some? Does your drink menu put everyone else on the beach bar circuit to shame?



Does your nightlife ooze awesome? Do celebrities and entertainers make special appearances? Are your DJs all Hollywood? Is the atmosphere chic and happening?