Riu Santa Fe

  • : Mexico - Los Cabos
  • : Omar Espinosa
  • : omare@riu.com
  • : (+52) 9988487869
  • : Yes
  • : Poolside| In an auditorium
  • : Yes
  • : Our Performers make theme parties like Jungle Party on monday, White Party on wednesday, Pink Party on friday and Neon Party on saturday. They custom themselves and dance and sing to the rhythm of the DJ's music.
  • : Yes
  • : No
  • : Because we have a new concept called RIU Pool Party and we have shows and music during the day and every night. We have theme adult parties. New pools and new rooms nearby the pool party area.
  • SFE_18_148 - Neon party
    SFE_18_148 - Neon party
    Neon Party I
    Neon Party ISFE_18_152 - Neon party
    SFE_18_152 - Neon party
    Neon Party I
    Neon Party IISFE_18_156 - Neon party
    SFE_18_156 - Neon party
    Neon Party III
    Neon Party IIIISFE_18_159 - Neon party
    SFE_18_159 - Neon party
    Neon Party IV
    Neon Party IVSFE_18_163 - Jungle party
    SFE_18_163 - Jungle party
    Jungle Party I
    Jungle Party ISFE_18_167 - Jungle party
    SFE_18_167 - Jungle party
    Jungle Party II
    Jungle Party IISFE_18_170 - White party
    SFE_18_170 - White party
    Pool Party
    White Party ISFE_18_171 - White party
    SFE_18_171 - White party
    Pool Party
    White Party IISFE_18_176 - Pink party
    SFE_18_176 - Pink party
    Pool Party
    Pink Party ISFE_18_178 - Pink party
    SFE_18_178 - Pink party
    Pool mParty
    Pink Party II
  • : Our resort is willing to give a comped stay to one of our Judges.