What is the Noble Beach Prize?

Crush any idea you’ve ever had about a travel industry award. Yes, crumple it up and toss it in the trash. The Noble Beach Prize is the one YOU want. Because we, at CheapCaribbean, are reinventing what it means to be recognized for being a top-notch resort.

The Noble Beach Prize is CheapCaribbean’s annual award that recognizes resort partners for being total rockstars in a variety of categories. The Noble Beach Prize gives you something that is way better – an award package with a total value of up to $100k in marketing exposure AND a cool award.


What Does $100K in Marketing Exposure Mean?

When we say $100K in marketing exposure, we’re talking about a substantial dollar amount of marketing muscle dedicated to getting your resort’s winning name out there to the masses through social media, email campaigns, prime placement on our site and more. A few highlights from the “more” bucket include adding a Noble Beach Badge to your gorgeous resort photo on our site for one year. So what does this marketing plan deliver? One very important thing: guests headed your way.

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Our Beachin’ Categories

Like we said, our categories are wildly different than the ordinary travel industry awards – a breath of fresh beach air. Click below to get a quick glance into what we’re looking for:

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Meet The Judges

These judges are beachin’!  Our panel is comprised of Caribbean travel bloggers and journalists all of whom have sand in their DNA. They know their beach.

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